Saturday, October 30, 2010

Watermelon Brain!

The house is decorated. The candy bowl by the door is full (and so is my belly). Only one thing left to do - carve the watermelon!

That's right. No pumpkin carving this year. I decided to be different - as usual.

My carving attempt last year was not such a success, but it's still funny - still! This year carving a watermelon into a brain was a bit simpler, and I think it came out pretty well. It may not be atomically correct, but it gets the point across.

This is a great, cheap decoration to have on the candy or buffet table during your party. I found that snacking while carving helped keep me going and finish quickly (all that sugar!). Just remember to carve wide so the pink shows through.

Happy Halloween!

Watermelon Brain
Printable Recipe

1 small, seedless watermelon

Find a smooth spot on the watermelon and mark it as the bottom. This section will not be peeled.

Using a vegetable peeler, remove one layer of the watermelon rind.

Use a sharp paring knife to carve an open line down the top of the watermelon to create the two hemispheres, then begin carving semi-circles and wrinkles to mimic a brain. Once all grooves are cut, carefully shave down more of the rind to smooth the cuts and reveal more of the pink inside.

~ Yields 1 brain to throw off the zombies. Run away!


  1. This is pretty new and very creative and quite breathtaking!

  2. I love this idea! Great for scaring the trick-or-treaters!

  3. Pretty freakin cool! WIll have to get madly carving in case we get any zombies tonight. I hope I have time.

    (my Halloween has been pretty watermelon-y too, as you can see on my latest post if you're so inclined :D )

  4. I love it! Great idea for the "brain" Not to mention a watermelon is pretty tasty!

  5. Top stuff!! absolutely brilliant, well done!

  6. What a creative idea! Nice work!

  7. I am so doing this next year! What a great idea....

  8. Wonderful idea. Nice change up from the usual round of pumpkin carving. ;)

  9. That is really cool and creative! Kudos!

  10. I wish I'd seen this before Halloween this year. Fantastic!

  11. We attempted the watermelon carving here at our workplace as well! What a neat, fun little project. Here's the video from it.