Friday, August 20, 2010

Raw Milk - How To Make Butter & Buttermilk

In part two of my raw milk series, we're making butter and buttermilk.

This is also just as simple as making cream. No extra ingredients are needed, but this time we'll need a blender.

This is great when just a little butter is needed or to keep warm on the counter in a butter bell for spreading on toast during lazy weekends.

If I get a batch of raw milk that turns out to be at least half cream, then I'll turn all the cream into butter and buttermilk. Usually, my raw milk source is between 25-40% cream, so I allot a certain amount to remain cream for what I need that week and will turn the rest into butter and buttermilk, and will buy sticks of organic butter to use in my recipes which call for more butter than I can make. Plus I'd have so much milk laying around! I really don't need any more incentive to eat tons of ice cream all the time.

Ooo, look at those flecks of butter.

It's best to use cream that is beginning to sour and turn into sour cream for butter. When you hesitate to put raw milk cream into your coffee, then it's time to make butter. It will be thicker and faster to turn into butter. Homemade cultured butter is even better with different nutritional benefits and a richer taste since it's almost like a cheese-and-butter fusion, as well as cultured buttermilk with its richer nutrients, but that's another post.

How To Make Butter & Buttermilk
Printable Recipe

1 cup raw milk cream

Place the raw milk cream into a blender and whip on high speed for several minutes until you notice the cream is no longer separating.

Stop the blender and pour out the buttermilk into a container for other use.

Add a few tablespoons of filtered, cold water and blend the butter for 20-30 seconds to cleanse it and make it a little firmer to work with. Pour out the water.

Using a spoon, remove the butter and place in a container to store in the refrigerator or in a butter bell on the counter for a few days.

~Yields 2-3 tbsp of butter.


  1. Fascinating post...We use organic butter, but have never thought to make it from our organic cream :)

  2. another great one! I need some raw milk now!