Sunday, August 16, 2009

Julie & Julia

Oh, how I wish to move to France even more now. Too bad I can't pick the century.

Hopefully by now you've seen the movie Julie & Julia. It focuses on two women who have influenced the world of cooking. One classic, one modern. The world renowned and legend Julia Child, who brought French cooking into everyone's kitchen, and Julie Powell who inspired food bloggers everywhere and succeeded in her dream of becoming a published author.

The movie was a beautiful portrayal of Julia Child's life and demonstrated the difficulty in her collaboration and, eventual, publication of her masterpiece of a cookbook. Her passion for food and cooking was brought to life by a legend herself, Meryl Streep. The writer and director, Nora Ephron, proved she did her homework by the details perfected for this film in making Julia come alive on screen. It was a pleasure watching and learning more about the process it took for Julia to become the cook she was and how she shared her knowledge and herself with others.

The movie also captured the thoughts and feelings of a wide variety of food bloggers by the very talented Amy Adams. Her rendition of Julie Powell shows what bloggers are often thinking: Is anyone reading what I'm writing? Does anyone else care about or share my thoughts? Why am I doing this? Too bad Julie doesn't sing while she cooks. I would have loved to heard Amy's voice.

It was refreshing to see loving men behind their women in this film. Too often a caring male partner is forgotten. Stanley Tucci beautifully duplicated the passion Julia and Paul shared in their marriage, as well as his belief in her as a woman and his partner. Chris Messina also showed how compromise and patience is important for a relationship - and that complimenting your wife's cooking can pay off.

Whether your passion is cooking or not, this universal film shows everyone loves a good stick of butter and a little passion on the path to following your dreams.


  1. As a fellow food blogger, this review makes me really want to see this movie. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Thank you! It means a lot to know it has helped someone. :)

  3. I love Amy Adams, in a completely inappropriate, on-my-lamenated-list-of-5-people, kind of way, and to hear "Just a little bit of cherry" again would tickle me pink. Still, I think this will be a rental for me, I have a hard time justifying $10 a ticket to go see movies now-a-days unless they are major special-effects productions where the large screen really compliments it.

    I am glad to hear it's a good film though, I was worried it wouldn't turn out well, despite my appreciation for all actors involved.

  4. Yes, I agree rating movies based on if they're worth $10 in theatres vs what I pay to have Netflix. You'll still love this one as a rental. While Julie Powell did use cooking and blogging as a medium to get a book deal, the movie makes her likable through Amy Adams who is amazing.